Friday, March 24, 2006

People who I work with


Jafar said...

Great sketches..It would have been a pleasure to know their names and a little about them!

Regards : ) said...

Great sketches Andrei!!The 1,3 last and red sketches are my favourites :)

Oscar Grillo said...

No one smiles.

Jenya List said...

Lllove it! Yeah, Jafar is right. Do they have blogs or sites to visit?

Uli Meyer said...

And one is ASLEEP!
Geat drawings, Andrei!

Unknown said...

THese are beautifully drawn!! Great sketches!

Martin Wittig said...

These are great! Nice linework, I'm a fan!!

Miki Montlló said...

Great sketches and impressive landscape, I really like that "minimalism"! Thank you very much for your comment in my blog. Can't wait to see more of your incredible posts!

Jenya List said...
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Jenya List said...

Would be great to see them at a higher resolution

Andrei, are you that red guy who was conquered by laziness under warm rays of the sun and fell asleep at work? :) ...or maybe he is just daydreaming and working out new ideas for his characters? :) I noticed some similarities with the photo study you posted before.


ps. I posted some sketches at my blog. I thought you might want to take a look. Ja byl by ochenj rad i prrrisnatelen!

Sandra Khoo said...

Fortunate people,all! ^^

Oscar Grillo said...

C'mon, something new...We are waiting.

Antonio Santamaria said...

Yes.... I think the same that Sandra Khoo... Fortunate people with a portrait of you!!! Magnificents!
A question... Are you the last one at the right?

Oscar Grillo said...

Hey man!...The one at the bottom ALMOST SMILE!!!!!!!
How un-russian!!
-Great drawings though.

Anonymous said...

You see, Russians don't like to smile without any reason. But they love good jokes and certainly they able to laugh!

A. Riabovitchev said...

So in order by name (from left to right)
1. Pekka Lettosari
2. Elena Gagarina
3. Janne Koppu
4. Boris Petrovich
5. Natalia Fedorovna
6. Sergei Lutsenko
7. Viktor Chuguyevski
8. Vladimir Taubkin
9. ME!!!

These are a handful of people I work with!

1 and 3 are from Finland and we are working on their project now. Great guys!
2 is who I sit with at work - She is learning Finnish but doesn't want to learn English!!!
4 has been working in the Russian animation business for donkeys years....
5 The less I say about this one the better! I'll leave it up to your imagination.
6 Typical pose whilst waiting for the computer to 'render'
7 A wonderful artist & my colleague - I'm hoping he's going to open his own blog soon
8 Director of the studio - a very important man!!!
9 My wife hates this self-portrait - it reminds her of all those times I should have been helping her when our son was just born and instead I was hiding in the bathroom drawing 'ugly' (her words) portraits of myself!!!

I wanted to add Grigory Lozinsky in this group too but I had already posted his portrait earlier!

And one last thing, of course we aren't smiling - we're in Moscow :0)
Thanks everyone for your comments!

Antonio - you won ;o) you guessed which one was me! said...
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alberto mielgo said...

Man. I'm crazy about your blog.
"Tree or something in the sky" keeps my moth open!!!!!!
Beautifull taste.

Jafar said...

Hey Andrei,

Thanks for the updates, the portraits look even better now : ) Absolutely agree with Sandra khoo...they are all so fortunate to have been working with you and Grigory : )

Take care

Craig Mackay said...

great faces

Aleksandrova Olga said...

Елену Гагарину только узнала)