Wednesday, August 18, 2010



Jared Shear said...

Love this sketch. The linework is "just right", without being overworked or fussed over. Beautiful!

Boris Andreev said...

Privet, Andrey!
Litso interesnoe poluchilos'.

Søren Bendt said...

Hi very nice to meet you too!
Great stuff here, inspiring confident sketches.
Are the pen sketches from reference?

A. Riabovitchev said...

Thank you Jared!:o)
Privet Boris!Spasibo.:o)
Thank you Soren!I am sure will meet up again.:o)

A. Riabovitchev said...

To Soren-->I use news paper photos as references.When I commuting to London.:o)

Oscar Grillo said...

And whose photo did you use for your avatar...Andrei Chikatilo?